17 August 2017

Cooking with Grandma

25 July 2017

The kids climbing together

30 April 2017

Caroline exhibits in Salem's library

16 April 2017

Seeds planted. Easter weekend

13 April 2017

Skiing with Liam 2017

07 April 2017

Liams class theatre group photo

25 January 2017

Liam skiing for the first time

I took Liam to a small ski hill called Flottsbro this week. Its only 15 min from Rönninge and its where Hannah and Emma learnt to ski. This was the first time he's been skiing properly and he did very well. I sort of expected him to do well as he has good balance and skates well. I spent a few hours teaching him the basics and pulling him back up a shallow beginners slope. He quickly got the hang of doing a snowplow and as he was fearless, soon wanted to try going further up the hill. In the end he managed the run down, putting in a few small turns and making the gates. He even tried the button lift and made it up first time. Looking forward to going again with him and next time I will take skis too and go up to the top with him.

08 January 2017

A sunny winters day in January

The winter has bee quite on and off in terms of snow and cold this year. This was one of the weeks when we had snow and the place looks very picturesque. We have had lots of minus temperatures, but only a few that were very low. On night at -22 was cold and enough to freeze a water pipe to the wash room. Fortunately not badly and I was able to free it up in just 10 min. or so.