18 February 2018

Neela goes for ear piercing

After discussing it for a while, Neela decided she wanted to get her ears pierced. So off we went to see if we could arrange it at a nearby shopping center. We found a place and she was very brave. She selected the studs and then after the setup, click, and it was all done. A very proud girl left the shop.

25 December 2017

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017 spent at home at Lilldalsvägen 22. A fun day with presents and Hannah and Emma came round for a full Christmas dinner with turkey and all the trimmings.

09 December 2017

Christmas gingerbread house production 2017

Time to start our gingerbread house said Neela. Well Nicholas was into helping too, and with a little help from Dad, we made a plan. The house was designed by Neela. It was then just to cut up the stencils, roll out the dough, cut, bake and stick together, Easy!

29 October 2017

Quince jelly 2017

This was the result from 5 quinces. Cooked to quince jelly and filled in 3 jars. The kids love it on bread and that makes it all worth while, not that its difficult. I like it too!

Preparing for Halloween

Neela and Nicholas try to help with the pumpkin carving, with some success and a little help from Dad. End result, not bad.

14 October 2017

Neela’s 7 year birthday party

Neela turns seven and had quite a fun party, with only girls this year.

28 September 2017

Autumn mushrooms

Nicholas was the only one who wanted to join me on walk in the woods behind the house in search of mushrooms. We found quite a few "höstkantarell", a popular Swedish type I know well. Lots of very pretty ones you can't eat too. Those were not picked, only photographed.

23 September 2017

Neela and dad

A selfie taken outside a shop in Stockholm.

Liams team win 4:3

The team won 4:3 in one of their matches today and this made a big impact on Liam's confidence
in his goalkeeper position.

02 September 2017

Hannah and Marcus wedding in Visby

The happy couple in the church in Visby. It was a great day and a big success with the little children who dressed up for the occasion and loved every minute of it.

This is the hotel where we all stayed. The reception party was also here after the wedding.